Dedicated to the spirit of Radio Expirimentation.

The term "Hacker" has taken on a rather evil connotation lately. This site is not about that usage of the word.

The original use of the term was for those who were able to accomplish amazing technical feats in the realm of computers and electronics by learning how the technology worked.

That is is what this site is/will be about. Radio is a increasingly complex hobby, many radios and scanners are computers themselves. This has lead to many interesting possibilities, as well as some dissapointments for the hobbyist.

Some aspects I would like to explore on this site will be:

  • Scanning / Radio Monitoring
  • Amateur Radio
  • Usage of computers in radio hobbys
  • Decoding of the increasingly abundant digital modes (read APCO 25)
  • Frequency publishing
  • and others

Please, feel free to help me make this a site you like to visit.

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