Welcome to the home of the Colorado SCANlist

The author of SCANlist has asked me to host these files to allow a more open forum for information and discussion. While SCANlist is a publication that covers information on a range of agencies and radio systems in the Colorado Front Range, the movement to digital radio warrants discussion here.

The scanners are in! The RadioShack/GRE PRO-96 or Uniden BC296D/BC796D will track the Colorado statewide Digital Radio System. They work well, and opens up the hobby to those that were locked out before. Many say they are well worth the price (~$500.)

The SCANlist will, from this point, include data useful to track the Colorado Digital Trunked Radio System. The information is designed to be of use to those with PRO-96 and Uniden BC296D/BC796D scanners. If you have any additions, updates, or other tips on the system contact scanlist@radiohacker.com

Radiohacker.com is proud to be host to the Colorado SCANlist!

* 10/02/05 NEW Updated SCANlist!

* 10/02/05 NEW Updated MetroTrunked and MetroConventional for PRO-96!

* 07/10/04 Updated Aurora EDACS Information page HERE

Several files are at your disposal-

SCANlist has updated frequency and agency information for Denver metro area, and the Front Range.

SCANlist 200510 Updated 10/02/05

Now, if you own a PRO-96, the files below can provide most of the data in the SCANlist, and more, direct to your scanner! You must have WIN96 and a programming cable to use these files.

MetroTrunked_PRO-96- All Major Denver Metropolitan trunked systems in one WIN96 file - Updated 10/02/05

MetroConventional_PRO-96 - All Major Denver Metropolitan conventional systems in one WIN96 file - Updated 10/02/05

BC296D/BC796D Owners can have the same type of ready-to-go setup using the files below and the Butel ARC250 software.

MetroTrunked_Uniden - All Major Denver Metropolitan trunked systems in one ARC250 file

The DTRS Logfile is a raw file of confirmed State DTRS Talkgroups in numerical order.

DTRS Logfile Updated 11/14/04

Test Versions of HTML and XLS SCANlist-Conventional

HTML SCANlist-C - Updated 09/18/05

XLS SCANlist-C - Updated 09/18/05

Older SCANlists are archived for research and reminiscing. These files are not updated.

SCANlist 200411 November 2004

SCANlist 200406 June 2004

SCANlist 200311 November 2003

SCANlist 200309 September 2003

DTRS SCANlist September 2003

SCANlist 200301 January 2003

SCANlist 200202 February 2002

SCANlist 200201 January 2002

SCANlist 200106 June 2001

SCANlist 200012 December 2000

SCANlist 200009 September 2000

SCANlist 200004 March 2000

If you have information on changes, or interesting material to include, please let us know. A mailbox has been set up for this purpose, and any other comments.